About this Blog (or if you wish to contact me)!

As I entered my career I faced a new stage in my life that I used to describe as unbalanced (Office: The place in which you spend around 10 hours while it is other than your home). The good news is that at the same time, I was learning some new skills and useful tips that helped me through those new challenges. In 2008 I decided to enter the blogging world and to take the time and the effort to share all those good things I have learned (and hopefully will continue to learn) with the people within my circle of concern. Bottom line: My theory is that if you follow 7aleva.com this blog will have good influence on your life and increase your ROI (Return on Investment). At this stage, I write whenever I get the chance... Enjoy your stay!
nart.psheugbj [at] gmail.com
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