Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to get from first circle rainbow street to weibdeh in 3 easy steps (and less than 1 jd): using Sarvice

Often during the lunch break I go for a quest, trying to utilize one hour for something useful. Lately I also discovered some public transportation routes (have a look on this nice public transportation initiative )

So at first I thought, just like it was interesting for me to know how to get from Jabal Amman to Weibdeh using public transportation, maybe it would be interesting for someone else to know this too, and in this case I need to put this knowledge over the internet, typically through my blog. Then I remembered ok I need to take pictures then go and use my laptop, soon this will turn into a weekend project, but take a moment to feel the discomfort of simplifying things, why to overkill it? The answer was why not to use twitter?

I quickly went to the first circle took the picture and took the Sarvice to downtown, and from there I took another picture of the other Sarvice that takes you to Weibdeh. Then I realized that taking the picture of the parking spot of Sarvice cars going to Weibdeh will be sufficient, in this case I won't need to spend time to go to Weibdeh. For some reason it was off my head, this is again about the difference between theory and practice.

While drinking a cup of espresso, I used my mobile to edit the pictures with handwritten instructions, they were not perfect but I am sure they are there on the internet changing someone's life at least weeks before I get semi-perfect circumstances, because I will never get to the perfect circumstances point. Don't waste your life waiting for perfect circumstances.

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