Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Issuing the Certificate of Non Criminal Record (in Jordan) - شهادة عدم المحكومية

First you go to this link and create an account
You fill your details (submit request / تقديم طلب), including the desired language of the certificate (this is good news because previously it used to be issued in Arabic only) and if you want to collect it in person, or via Aramex delivery.

The application then provides you with a unique ID for your application (in my case it was a 7-digit number) and you will use this ID to pay for your application in a later stage.

Then you go to this link and create an account, but keep in mind that you will have to pay using a credit card (visa or mastercard).

You fill the details through the Add New Billing button
Biller category: government service
Biller name: NCRC

Service: NCRC 
Billing number: you enter the ID you received earlier

The item will be visible in your dashboard, then you click Process to Pay, fill your credit card details and by this you are done. I received an email on the same day that my application is ready, and it took my about 15 minutes to collect it in person.

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