Thursday, April 30, 2015

'The Art' of Sleeping on a Long Haul Flight

The Art of Sleeping on a Long Haul Flight

So lately I survived a 14 hour flight, usually I find it hard to sleep on a flight but this time I think I did pretty much well. And as I consider this a skill, that can be acquired over several iterations and perfected by exercise, you may find here my ultimate list:
  • Wear sweatpants with zippers, comfortable and you leave the passport and money in the pocket that has zippers
  • Case for glasses (yes I wear glasses)
  • Get a neck pillow
  • I take sleeping pills right when boarding, ask your pharmacist for the herbal based one (does not need a prescription)
  • Cap to keep off the light from your face, do not use the typical eye cover as the band is not comfortable
  • Use small earphones like the ones that come with the ipods. Although the big ones provide good insulation but they are not comfortable especially while sleeping 
  • I use a cool app called (Muji to Sleep) which plays natural sounds (birds, forest, a stream ...) and sometimes I listen to verses from the holy Quran
  • Read in your native language, for me it uses less concentration
  • Remember to take off your shoes.
Last but not least, timing of the flight is essential, try to pick one overnight.
* update: as of Nov 2015, I don't use a hat anymore, I just use the blanket to cover my face.
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