Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Productivity Tools

Productivity matters to me, hence this post presents my 'top-secret' productivity instruments!

In my opinion, brainstorming needs a smooth flow of ideas. For this purpose, I usually use:
  • High density blank papers. Using a metal clip, I bind some A4 papers that have been used on one side
  • A dark pencil; preferably a 4B
  • Easy flowing pens; such as Kores, Papermate Profile and Bic (I don't know the name of the one in the picture but it is awesome)
  • Sometimes a marker is also handy
To have a neat plan I also use:
  • A squared note pad; Rhodia is a good one
  • Fine pens, I could not find anything better than Stabilo Point 88
  • An HB Pencil
  • An eraser which can also be used to hold my phone
Using flip charts and markers to do some creative brainstorming is one of the main concepts introduced by a book titled Gamestorming. On a second note, I realized that this post was probably influenced by a cool blog titled 99u (specifically, by this post and this post - Thanks Lucas).
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