Monday, April 30, 2012

Reflections: My First Half-Marathon

No Sochi Olympics
Probably you've made the guess, indeed it is another jogging story but this time it is a totally different lesson.

I have participated in five marathons, all of which were in the fun run category (10 km), until one day I decided to go for the half marathon (21 km). Previously, I always tried to finish the race in less time than the race before, but at one point I realized my performance is not improving impressively. It came to my mind then that the performance formula may consist of more than one variable; so if I my old variable was 'time', the new variable to benchmark my performance would be 'distance'. My hypothesis was that if my speed is not going to improve, maybe I can leave my speed as is but challenge my endurance by running a longer distance.

Although my result was not that decent (2:15:00) I can confirm that I have achieved my goal (by the way last 5 km were not a piece of cake!). So what have I learnt?

- When performance won't improve anymore, start looking for a different dimension, hypothetically speaking the later can have potential for improvement.

- If it ain't getting any better it might not get any worse.

BTW, one of my motives about finishing the race was that I can blog about it. Cheers!
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