Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why To Run?

No Sochi Olympics

This is the shirt that I usually wear in marathons. Although I am not an athlete, but participating in a couple of 10 km fun-runs made me think of sharing my jogging reflections.

Committing to marathons helps maintain one's fitness level, the festive atmosphere of the marathon might even help you discover and unleash hidden potential. One good thing about marathons is that part of the participation fees would support charity. However, you can also promote a  good cause yourself by wearing your own shirt (for me I have on my shirt). It feels awesome to participate in your first marathon and it feels great:
  • To challenge yourself and beat your own record
  • To convince a friend to participate in their first marathon
  • To cross the finish line where your persistence helped you 1 km at a time go through the whole distance; continuous minor efforts sum up to a considerable one.
You can run or walk in a marathon, but you can never underestimate an individual effort.
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