Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 3 Stages of Enhancing Knowledge

Platform #3

Have you ever tried to explain/write a topic that you already know to somebody else? How did it feel? Did it improve your understanding of that topic in anyway?

I try to keep this blog less about myself, but today there will be an exception as I will be confessing my reasons for blogging. About four years ago, Dr. Samir Bata taught me the 3 stages of enhancing knowledge:
1. If you learn something
2. & understand it (or in other words; apply it)
3. then teach it (share it), it becomes part of you.

When I started blogging I did not tell anyone about it, I did it for myself but later found out that my humble blog helped me learn something new each month and to some extent became part of my brand. And it feels great when you leave a good impact on others because of one of your post; it was indeed worth the time and the effort.

3 as in bus stand number three, 3 as in the three stages of knowledge.. oh and 3 as in happy 3-year birthday 7aleva.com! Thank you Dr. Samir.
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