Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Google Sync: Contacts & Calendar


Similar to how Windows runs on a computer, Android is an operating system by Google that runs on mobiles. In this awesome day I will present two of my favorite Android features; Google Calendar Sync and Google Contacts Sync.

Sync (or synchronize) means regardless if I edit a contact or add a reminder from my mobile or from my computer it will appear on both. To enable this feature on an Android device go to Menu > Settings > Account & sync then choose your gmail account, check both Sync Contacts and Sync Calendar.

Google Contacts (www.google.com/contacts)
One place for your phone book and email addresses, this way if you lost your phone or if it gets damaged you will automatically have a backup for all your contacts that saves you some drama.

Google Calendar (www.google.com/calendar)
Although I still use my pocket dairy to manage day to day tasks, I use Google Calendar to markup the events I cannot afford to miss and for recurring events (birthdays, blogging reminders, monthly fees..etc) it can even be useful in inviting others to a group meeting. One useful Android application is called Smooth Calendar, this widget shows upcoming reminders on home screen and serves as a shortcut to the calendar.

Not an Android fan? No worries, you can still sync Blackberry, iphone, Nokia and Windows deveices (here are more details www.google.com/mobile/sync). This time my special thanks goes to my lovely nieces Tala and Layan.
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