Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Lesson I learned from Blogger & flickr

Blogger & flickr
In case you have noticed, my blog is hosted over Blogger (which is a Google service) while the images used in posts reside on my flickr account (flickr is owned by YAHOO). Despite being a Google fanGoogle and YAHOO are both considered two internet search giants; or in other words competitors and most of the time competitors put hurdles in each others' lanes.

Well at least not in the case of Blogger and flickr where both encourage cross collaboration and eventually benefit from spreading the two services. On the one hand Google has its own photo sharing platform called Picasa but that does not mean it prevents using images from flickr, on the other hand flickr uses shortcuts to ease blogging of any image.

This could relate to Google's slogan don't be evil, or it could have to do with the popular proverb if you can't beat them join them, yet the bottom line is; your competitor does not necessarily have to be your enemy.
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