Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is cc ?

You might have been introduced to the Ⓒ copyright symbol, but what's up with the double C's ?

(cc) stands for creative commons; a nonprofit organization that believes in the power of sharing creativity. Unlike copyrighted material that you usually have to pay for, using creative commons material is only controlled by a simple type of license (for example: some creators might not allow re-editing). Hence, if you intend to look for music, pictures or even videos, the starting point would be by going to: http://creativecommons.org/

So, what's in it for the author who uses (cc) content?
The author gets to use quality content for free.

What's in it for the original creator?
The creator could become famous by contributing for free. For example: All my pictures in flickr are shared under (cc), please have a look at the second picture used in this article.

Besides introducing the role creative commons seeks to influence culture in this globe, my goal in this post was also to share this inspiring concept. Can you imagine how great the founders of this organization are; who contribute something towards others without even expecting any return? Well if you want something good to brag about, now you may support creative commons and order from their store.

PS. Special thanks goes to Clara and Mithaq
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