Thursday, December 23, 2010

DIY Scratch Book

This cool mini scratch book is called Matweeco (Matwe translates in Arabic to folded / eco as in ecological).

Matweeco is an initiative that involves horizontally folding one-sided A4 papers by locals who live in rural areas; for each paper they fold they get one piaster. So, this small product actually recycles paper resources and at the same time helps develop rural societies.

You can promote the green culture in your company, contribute to your social responsibility and support this initiative by giving away branded Matweeco's (smart right?) On the other hand, you can as an individual fold a pile of one-sided A4 papers into your own Matweeco scratch books.

Somehow writing on double layered paper is satisfying, that's why I always use my cool scratch book as a draft to-do list. Check out the creative people behind this initiative (Special thanks goes to Anselm & Johanna):
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