Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Score 101 in TOEFL

TOEFL by Kaplan

Finally, I did my TOEFL and guess what? I scored 101 :)
TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, but why do you need TOEFL?

If you intend to study abroad or to apply for a scholarship you are usually requested to provide a TOEFL score of about 90 out of 120. Your score officially states that you are fluent in reading, listening, speaking and writing in English up to a certain standard. TOEFL is also good for your CV; you can put your score in your CV to indicate your fluency in English. So, if you've just finished you bachelors degree you can prepare for this test and enhance your CV while waiting to be hired.

Here are my tips
I self-studied for the test using the TOEFL guide by Kaplan. In addition to inclduing four mock exams, Kaplan guarantees a higher score. I even found this book's questions a bit harder than the exam itself; which helped me simulate the real test environment and prepare properly for the test. I bought this book for only JOD 18 from the Jordan Book Center (by the way JBC is my favorite bookshop). On the other hand, you may find some interesting articles in this book, my best article was about Freud's interpretation of dreams.

The next thing would be to register online via
I chose to take my exam in the Amedeast center, which has a professional test-taking environment. An e-shopping debit card from the Bank of Jordan plus using it for the test registration has cost me JOD 120. The book gives you great strategies and tips, but I found the test to be about two main things:
  • Time management (for studying & within the test itself):
As you study, your performance will keep improving until the last week before the test, at that point your performance will suddenly have a turbo boast!
When you are in the middle of the exam remember not to panic about running out of time.
  • Confidence:
Increases the more you study, or for me it was when I discovered that the guy next to me is taking the same test I am taking, but he is 10 years younger than me!

It is good to prepare yourself for surprises; my first scheduled test (which was in a center other than Amedeast) had a technical issue on the day of the test that forced us to postpone our test to the next week. You can check your result online after two weeks of taking the test, receiving a certificate via mail will also need two extra weeks.

I have to admit that blogging and being on twitter were good exercises to me. The good news is; even if you waste your time on movies and reading on the internet you will still be improving your English skills, good luck!
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