Friday, August 27, 2010

Outsourcing: What, Why & How


This is one of my favorite shirts! Are we going to change the topic of this blog into fashion? I don't think so, today this shirt will help us know more about outsourcing. I used to wake up every day, have my breakfast, prepare my lunch and race time to iron a shirt to wear for work. Then I made my big decision: From now on I will outsource ironing my shirts.

What does outsourcing mean? Outsourcing is to pay someone to fulfill a certain task, you pay money for this person because he/she saves your resources (such as money, energy or time). This way, I pay half a Dinar to iron a shirt but I get an extra 15 minutes of sleep. In other words I buy time! Better yet, as I am not a master when it comes to ironing I have to admit my shirts are now skillfully ironed.

In the business world, companies outsource operations that are not crucial to their success via contracting a third-party (for example: A law firm might outsource its technical support). This enables the company to focus on core goals and in some cases save cost.

Here are my tips:
  • I used to iron my shirts by myself. Meaning; you should always have an exit plan in case of emergencies (you never know when you might need a shirt on a holiday?)
  • Consider quality when outsourcing. I had to try three dry cleaners until i got a decent quality. Otherwise there is no point of outsourcing and receiving poor quality plus headache.
This way, regardless of surprises I am always ready to have a good first impression (you only have one first impression, right?).
Hey, how about this? You can take advantage of the tasks that people do not find so enjoyable to make an outsourcing business.
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