Friday, March 12, 2010

Bonus: The 4 Needs of Humans

The Four Needs of Humans

Hi! if you liked my previous post about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People I am sure you will like this post too. Today's post is extracted from Steven Covey's latter book The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness to Greatness, and it explores the 4 needs of humans.

Before going through the four needs, I should recall the common incident most of us have been through. We often encounter an old friend and have a chitchat with: "How have you been?"
Our friend automatically answers with pride that daily life is all about office and home; sadly he/she assumes this is something good and that it reflects being a business professional. The bad news is: this is not something good, this is an unbalanced system of living!

According to our other friend (Steven Covey) in order to live a balanced life, humans have four needs to fulfill; body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  • Body: It is not necessary to be an athlete to fulfill this need, a walk every weekend could do the minimum. The body need also involves taking care of what you eat.
  • Heart: This need is about our feelings; it includes our family, soul mates, friends. In my opinion it can also include pets and materials (a car for example).
  • Mind: The mind has to be challenged regularly. Reading, spinning a Rubik's cube or solving a Sudoku puzzle are all examples of satisfying this need.
  • Spirit: The spiritual need manages our relation with our creator and the unseen world in general. Prayers, contemplation, Yoga and arts -to some extent- are all examples of methods to fulfill this need.
When I first entered my career I faced an unbalanced system of life. For me, I consider understanding the four needs of humans a valuable lesson that helped me overcome my new challenges and reach a balanced life style. Of course, even if one could not fully satisfy the four needs at the beginning, trying to do so is a fruit itself.


Sozrash said...


Nart Pshegubj said...

:) Irayo to you dear Sozrash.
For those who do not know what "Irayo" is, it is "Thank you" in Navi language (Avatar movie).

natasha said...

very informative and nourishing.. thanks!

Nart Pshegubj said...

Thanks Natasha for your comment :)
When I first read The 4 Needs of Humans I figured out how my life was un-balanced at all. Nourishing indeed

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