Friday, February 5, 2010

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Meet billiard ball number seven; 7 as in Steven Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. For me, this book has been a helpful guide on how to be more effective on both social and business aspects, hence I thought of writing about it this month's post.

Habit 1: Be Proactive
Being proactive means taking responsibility for your own choices and realizing that change starts within yourself. Reactive people focus on things they can do nothing about (Example: if the weather is good, they'll be happy. If the weather is bad, they'll be unhappy). On the other hand proactive people focus and work on things they can do something about.

Habit 2: First things first
The term First things refers to two parts:
  • Chronological time order of tasks.
  • Important tasks that have high priorities.
On both cases we should always do first things first.

Habit 3: Begin with the end in mind

I once heard a meaningful saying that is related to this habit "A man who knows where he is going, usually gets there". This means that for each task we take we should have a clear vision of the desired result, once this have been taken care of, our performance will gradually adjust to pave the way straight to our goal (This is very similar to the Spaced Repetition).

Habit 4: Think win/win
We always encounter new situations, nonetheless, there are only four possible endings:
You Win/ They Lose - good for you
You Lose/ They Win - good for them, but not for you
You Lose/ They Lose - good for nobody

You Win/ They Win - good for everybody
When you use the win/ win mentality you achieve a mutual benefit; while you score, the other party also scores. However this strategy will be preferred by the other party indeed, which will eventually lead to more of your benefit in the future.

Habit 5: Seek first to understand then to be understood
The key of doing this habit is via effective listening and putting yourself in other's shoes.

Habit 6: Synergize

This habit contradicts with what we all have learned in math, this habit states that 1 + 1 = 3. When people group together and use their knowledge, performance and results will be much better than what they could have performed as individuals.

Habit 7: Sharpen the saw

Similar to the cutting edge of the saw that needs to be sharpened regularly, in order to stay effective our skills also need continuous sharpening. Stay tuned to; this is one of the best ways to sharpen your saw :)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People might seem to be thorough, but keep in mind that effectiveness will sure lead you to success. Here is my advice, as a start you can exercise one habit per day; this way you will finish the 7 habits demo in one week ?! The good news is that if you enjoyed reading this post you can now read Steven Covey's latest book: The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness to Greatness. How about this homework ?


Sozrash said...

Nice bro.. I'll stay tuned, to sharpen my skills :P

Nart Pshegubj said...

Thank you bro for your support. And I will stay committed to my blog so that we all will have sharp skills.

Naryat said...

And as usual Nart provides us with a review of one other enlightening book! :-)

Thx alot.. it is on my "to read" list, but other books keep stuffing themselves in the qeue in front of him! (>.<)

I finished "Men are From Mars, Women are From Vinus" btw!! Great book, although "depressing" some how! :-D

I guess I will post some thing about it soon enshalla...

Nart Pshegubj said...

I know how that feels Naryat, a never empty to-do-list :)
Thanks for your flattering comment!

mohannad said...

this one is great, i'm really interested in such topics :), i luv it

Nart Pshegubj said...

Thanks Mohannad, I am glad you did. The road of high-effectiveness is wide open now in front of you :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

1 of my fav. books ever by the gr8 covey.
I read it always, not a book u put on the shelve when u r done with it,,, it must be with u always :).

Check his latest, "the 8th habit: from effectiveness to greatness" another masterpiece.

Thanks for the v. good review,

I`m snopping around yr blog :)


Nart Pshegubj said...

Thanks Shishani brother for your valuable comment :) I am glad that you liked it.

Be my guest, I write once every month.

Aman said...

This is an extremely amazing book ! jad good choice . I read it more than once & its of really great value. I actually enjoy this type of books , makes you rethink about your life & your priorities. Plus, it takes your effectivenss up to a new level. There is other versions of the "7 habits" , one is " the 7 habits of highly effective teenagers" and the other is " the 7 habits of highly effective families". Also the one of the 8th habit is indeed great & highly inspiring. If you are interested in time managment issues, Covey has a book called "first things first". Although its not that recent, but I got to read it recently and it was great experience.
Well, sorry for elongation & hope you dont mind me opening up old posts and commenting on them =)

Nart Pshegubj said...

Thanks dear for your valuable comment.
Steven Covey's 7 Habits has really altered my life style.
And regarding your last point; on the contrary, be my guest :)

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