Friday, October 9, 2009

Invest In Your First Impression

Mints, Mints & lots of Mints...

I am convinced that first impression is the first step into success.
Some argue about the importance of the first impression and would rather leave things for chance. Well, in the real world there is no such thing called "for chance". Relying on chance may eventually cost you money. For example; in the business field, if you fail to serve a good first impression you could loose a potential customer.

At all times one should be ready to give 5-star impressions; this way a good first impression will always be guaranteed.
We might meet anyone anywhere (it is a small world that we are living in, right?). Once I started my career I noticed this clearly; meeting high ranked people where you least expect them to be.

First impression is a broad term, it includes:
  1. Personal care and hygiene: Make mints your new addiction, keep them everywhere (office, car, pocket..) Keep hair neat and beard under control.
  2. Always wear proper dress attire: Dress to impress! When I am not sure about what to wear in a certain event, I would rather be the only one overdressed than to be the only one underdressed.
  3. Always arrive on time. Tip: Add 7 minutes to your clock so that you will always have some spare time.
  4. Know your audience/ Do a small research about whom you are going to meet (very important in case of presentations and job interviews).
So folks, you only got one first impression; invest in it!
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