Friday, July 3, 2009

Branding Yourself

Red Bus
Probably you made the guess, we are going to talk today about London. Well, that's true, however in addition to mentioning London we will use the red bus example to illustrate how to brand ourselves.
As the red bus is considered to be an icon or (a brand) for the word "London" we can brand ourselves by being consistent with a variety of good traits such as loyalty, good ethics, motivation, time management and the list goes on...

The formula needed to achieve this is very simple:
In my opinion, each one of us has a unique character, and even a unique finger print. Also each one of us has a good part and a bad part; hence all you need to do is to be yourself without trying to imitate others for you are already unique. Finally you may concentrate on the good part of yourself and try to eliminate the bad part of your personality. This will eventually leave you as a true one of a kind.


hamatosha said...


For me branding would be to find a competitive advantage over others, not in the sense of competition per-say, but rather in what is unique within us that is difficult for others to duplicate, and by duplicate i refer to the content of our uniqueness rather than by the attribute itself.

ya3ni; If my competitive advantage is motivation, and i am motivated to be a social worker; others taking my lead would be to motivate themselves to do what they aspire to, while if they blindly copy (duplicate) the content, which is being a social worker (for the sake of copying the content), then they are not sharing my competitive advantage, they are only blindly following my footsteps...

So my point is this: having a competitive advantage helps us in "branding" ourselves by being more authentic, and true beings.

Do i make sense?

Nart Pshegubj said...

First of all thanks for reading and commenting dear Alasker and i agree with you on what you have said.

When you need a tissue you usually say "please i need a Kleenex".
You can notice that the Kleenex brand became an excellent brand that even replaced the original word "tissue"!

Similarly; in your example you should keep up with the good unique content you have and eventually at some point whenever others need motivation they will use this formula:
Motivation = Alasker :)

Naryat said...

Dear Nart,
Thanks for the enlightening idea!
Actually, I totally agree with your claim!
To brand yourself is simply to be yourself... to let yourself and the others see the real person that lies inside you...
Just to live your obsessions and your passions... to obey your natural sense in practicing your most special characteristics no matter how estremely, as long as they are not harmful, of course! :-)

Nart Pshegubj said...

thanks for commenting dear naryat!
STAY TUNED...more "7aleva's" are yet to come!! ;)

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