Friday, July 3, 2009

Branding Yourself

Red Bus
Probably you made the guess, we are going to talk today about London. Well, that's true, however in addition to mentioning London we will use the red bus example to illustrate how to brand ourselves.
As the red bus is considered to be an icon or (a brand) for the word "London" we can brand ourselves by being consistent with a variety of good traits such as loyalty, good ethics, motivation, time management and the list goes on...

The formula needed to achieve this is very simple:
In my opinion, each one of us has a unique character, and even a unique finger print. Also each one of us has a good part and a bad part; hence all you need to do is to be yourself without trying to imitate others for you are already unique. Finally you may concentrate on the good part of yourself and try to eliminate the bad part of your personality. This will eventually leave you as a true one of a kind.
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