Sunday, June 14, 2009

The DISC Personality Test

Hello! Today I will be introducing the 4 types of personalities; D, I, S and C. Every one of us has a blend of all four types together, however one component is usually major over the other three. The diagram below explains more;
D - Doers
Task oriented and initiative
Straight to the point; hence the D is in standard font
D type make good leaders
Example: Donald Trump who says "You're fired!" in the Apprentice TV show

I - Impress
People oriented and initiative
Like to be under the spot lights; hence the I is in red color
I are good presenters
Example: Red from m&m's

S - Support
People oriented and slow-paced
Care about others; hence the S is in the relaxing light blue color
S can be great as a family member
Example: Joey from Friends

C - Careful
Slow-paced while being task oriented
Care about details; hence the C letter appears below with extra details
C are perfect for making a research
Example: Monk

DISC Personality Diagram
Now what's the use of DISC? DISC is very helpful when it is about dealing with other people in both professional (especially in case of direct contact with customers) and daily life aspects by understanding what others need. For example a D type person hates to be flooded with details while a C type person will be happy for getting as much details as possible.

Speaking for myself I evaluate someone's personality by eliminating the components that show least in their behavior, this would eventually leave me with one result (component).

If you are curious enough, you may wish to look for a free DISC test over the internet.
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