Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Written, Not Done!

My Agenda
Hi, today's post is about diaries. Speaking for myself, I did not imagine how useful my diary is (which is shown here) until I saw its pages full of notes, to-do lists, reminders and appointments. I realized then that all these details have been occupying some space in my mind, and after using a diary my mind became much clearer.

Once you write a task there is no way you will forget it, hence diaries may improve productivity . I carry my personal diary with me everywhere. Obviously, this is the reason why there are pocket sized diaries; so that it fits in your pocket.
I also have a larger diary which I use for work. Mainly I use my work diary to schedule future tasks and as a history log for completed tasks (very useful for the end of year evaluation).

Some might prefer to use mobile calenders or PDAs. It is up to you, however I feel that using paper is more convenient and at the same time it feels great to mark a task as done.

OK, now where to buy a diary? I recommend the following elegant yet affordable diaries (can be ordered online):
Letts (can be found in Istklal Library, Sweifieh - Jordan +962-6-5821168)
Castelli (can be found in Jabal Tareq Bookshop, Abdoun - Jordan +962-6-5934517)

Bottom line, hurry up and start using a diary! After all "If you fail to plan you are planning to fail".
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