Friday, October 10, 2008

The Six Thinking Hats

Hello again, in this post I am going to tell you about the Six Thinking Hats.
The Six Thinking Hats is a decision making technique that helps you cover all the possible ways of thinking and helps you avoid the risk of making a wrong decision, it was created by Edward De Bono.
Now first of all we should be able to think before being able to think in colors right? Just Kidding.

Ok, the six colors are Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.
Black is the negative way of thinking and expecting the worse.
White is related to thinking about numbers, facts and statistics.
Red is to think while taking feelings into consideration.
Yellow is to think in the positive way.
Green is to take the creative approach.
And finally the Blue hat is used to control and order the thinking between all the previous hats (think about thinking).

Brain Storming can highly utilize the Six Thinking Hats. Brain Storming is to consider all the possible thoughts and ideas in order to discus them and make up a decision about which is the best plan to be followed.

Let's now try to use the Six Thinking Hats in this example:
There is a family that is considering to move in to a new house because their old (current) house is not fitting any more, here is what goes on;
Blue would give turns for each of the family members to say their opinions according to the color being used at the time. Let's give the father this role and let him be the one wearing the Blue Hat.
The father would ask the family to introduce all the Red hat thoughts; so it is now the time for emotions. A Reddish thought might be "I would love to just move in to a new house, I am fed up with this house and I cannot live in it anymore"
Now the father will also change the hat to the Yellow one; an example on a Yellow-type thought would be "Maybe if we wait for the next year the value of our house would increase and we will get a better price than the possible price at this time"
Green would be about using the current house by doing some improvements that would give more space; for example use part of the balcony to expand some rooms and win some space.
White would be about facts;
We only have $1000 and we cannot afford buying a bigger house that would cost at least $2000.
Black would be about expecting the worse, taking a loan will mostly likely leave us broke because of the high interest rates, LOANS ARE DANGEROUS and by then we will loose both our home and our savings.

For sure if you want to read more about this issue you can just google (six thinking hates).
Practice makes perfect, next time you face any decision try to use the Six Thinking hats by yourself. Enjoy!
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