Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Starter

These are my first seconds in the blogging world wohooo! :)
I did not imagine that starting to type the first letters in my first blog would feel so great lol.

The thought and the feeling that I needed to have some blog have been chasing me for a while, and guess what? They were able to catch me as you are reading these lines. It's the 24th of Ramadan; which might explain the first word that came to my mind to use as the name for this blog (Haleva).
7aleva (Haleva in English) which is the same as хьэлывэ in Cyrillic is a Circassian type of food, that's right I AM CIRCASSIAN :) and I prefer the potato type of Haleva.

My goal in this blog is to share all the useful skills I have learned through my career in a very simple way; each post is like a real Haleva, light and delicious!


Naryat said...

Pshegubj!!!! You have a blog!!!!
I sware this is the first time I notice this!!
Waaaaaaaaaal!!! To this extent am I taken? lol
Plz tell me that u didn't use to link your blog in your comments u make in mine... plz... just to save my dignity loool
Any ways, although it is late, but WELCOME TO THE BLOGGING WORLD!! :-D
I like it whenever I find an interesting blogger... fa ma balak an old dear friend!! :-)
Wupsow Siqosh... 5erja wet-thaghon nshalla :-)

Nart Pshegubj said...

ha ha ha,
1) yes i do
2) no i did not, this was my first using my link at your blog (so this is a good news-under one condition...subscribe to my posts lol)

soon i will officially launch my blog. I had to comment on your post so I said to myself forget about protocols just put the link! ;) t7mi ghapso

Naryat said...

O hai I subscribed :-)

wasabi said...

i'm always impressed with your creativity pshe... keep going, good taste for choosing хьэлывэ... (btw, i prefer the "potato хьэлывэ" too)

and thanx a ton, i still got the taste of the хьэлывэ you brought me and the guys just b4 i left to B7rain (now i'm sure it's your idea)

i got some хьэлывэ from 3amman @the beginning of Ramadan(actually, 50pcs of each kind ^_^) so i ate nothing but хьэлывэ 4 s7oor and f6oor for over a week :DD

not to mention, those became unFresh since i needed to put them in the freezer...

i’ll be waiting for your monthly fresh хьэлывэ posts to come out… which i predict might even be more fascinating to read than eat ;)

Nart Pshegubj said...

konnichiwa sensei wasabi :)

I am truly flattered by your compliment.

stay tuned and "domo arigato"

blogchi said...

You ain't eaten haleva or halwa until you have eaten Pakistanian halwa. Waht would you know of Habshi Halwa of Multan, chana dal halwa, carrot halwa; I could go on, but you're taste buds are still ignorant of the best halws in the world.

Nart Pshegubj said...

Hey Blogchi :)
This sounds interesting, I must try one indeed, it looks like a sort of dessert?

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